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I'm working on a exile fishing mod but thanks to the update I'm been held back. I have made custom 3d models to work with the mod this includes images fish/Rod and all, Now I just need to find someone that knows a small script that will detect water and bring up a menu when Rod is in bag. I know of a mod called "Arma III Fishing" but I would rather this one be on it's own for exile hopefully Dev team may have an idea.

Image here is a sample of a fishing Rod and fish models.

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13 hours ago, Metalman10 said:

Ill call the DayZ standalone devs. maybe rocket can help..

I'm having a play with surfaceIsWater  checks in a loop it's bit buggy has to be a better way then having a loop going all time.

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ok here is what I came up with using my custom items.

//add to custom code shows when in water
FishingAction = player addAction ["GO FISHING!", "script\fishing.sqf", [], -1, false, false, "", "surfaceIsWater position player"]; 

//make file called fishing.sqf and add
 Basic fishing script for exiel by JackFrost 12th June 2016
 NOTE: I use custom models in my server you will need to edit Custom_Item_Meat & Custom_Item_Rod to somthing else.
 Items must be in backpack for this to work.

if (("Custom_Item_Meat" in backpackItems player) && ("Custom_Item_Rod" in backpackItems player)) then {
				disableUserInput true; //lock user to stop exploiting
        	["<t color='#ff9900' size = '.5'>Good Luck!</t>",-1,-1,4,1,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
	        player removeAction FishingAction;
            sleep 8;
            randomFish = random 5;
            player removeItem "Custom_Item_Meat";					
if (randomFish > 2) then {
["<t color='#ff9900' size = '.5'>YOU GOT ONE!</t>",-1,-1,4,1,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
player addItem "Custom_Item_TunaRaw";
["<t color='#ff9900' size = '.5'>It got away!</t>",-1,-1,4,1,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
 //no fish lost bait
sleep 1;	
		disableUserInput false; //unlock user
        FishingAction = player addAction ["GO FISHING!", "script\fishing.sqf", [], -1, false, false, "", "(surfaceIsWater position player)"];				
    } else { 
        	["<t color='#ff9900' size = '.5'>Bait is needed!!<br /> You need a Fishing Rod and Meat to fish</t>",-1,-1,4,1,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;


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