Is my internet fast enough to host?

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Hello everyone,

So I'm building a small server room for myself (Gaming/Media/Web Hosting ect) and I was wondering would 100Mbps down/40 up be enough to run an Arma 3 server with 64 people max?

Please don't recommenced me to server hosting providers as that's not what I'm trying to do, just let me know roughly how much Arma 3 server require to keep it running smoothly.

Thanks :D


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64 players... No way, it's simply not going to work, server will either bottleneck itself to death, or you'll experience so much lag and desynch it's not even worth it. You'd be surprised how much network traffic Arma hosting actually uses, even 100Mbit upload is barely enough, wouldn't advise 64 players on 100Mbit at least, bottom line is, 64 players on 40Mbit upload will not work at all... Good luck, you'll face the truth soon enough. 

Edit: Just to be clear, you do know what the "PS" means in Mbps right? -> Per Second. = 40Mbit = Roughly 5 Megabytes per second upload, to 64 simultaneous players. = Sooooo much packet loss = Sooo much lag and desynch = No players will be bothered to play, because it's shit. There is a huge different from 40Mbit to 1Gbit, 5 Megabytes per second against roughly 125 Megabytes per second. Do the math, it won't do any good.  

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