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This is my first release! I have made an app for xm8 apps by @Shix that has kits that the server owner defines. A kit is a set of gear loaded onto the player at a price, you can also set the price and change how much respect it requires to  be able to purchase the kit. I have provided 1 default loadout which is the template for you to create your own (this is outlined in the install instructions).

This is what it looks like...


You can edit every picture and text to go along with it, there are a total of 18 kits and a back button to the Xm8 Apps. It takes time for your character to change into the kit as if he was actually changing. You can set it to not have a wait time so that it puts the Kit strait on to the player!

Video of the Kits!




Created By [TBI] Liam






How to Install




      1.       Install XM8 Apps from @shix from: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/9040-xm8-apps


      2.       Download the KiTs package: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aq9eJ6LeRuQdgcpDmAWtsN3IsCO9LQ


      3.       Unzip the “KiTs” folder


      4.       Open MPmissions\Exile.yourmission\xm8Apps folder


      5.       Place the KiTs folder inside of your xm8Apps folder inside of your mission folder


      6.       Open your Description.ext


      7.       Search for allowFunctionsRecompile = 0;


      8.       BELOW that type #include "xm8Apps\KiTs\dialog.hpp”


      9.       Go to your Xm8Apps_Init.sqf and define one of the Apps as KiTs and in the action type execVM "xm8Apps\KiTs\Loadout.sqf"; (see @shix’s thread above for details)


It should look like this but replace App1 AND the App1logo AND App1_action to match your xm8app button number.


//App 1


_app1Text = "Kits";


_app1Logo = "xm8Apps\KiTs\Default.paa";


app1_action = {


ExecVM "xm8apps\KiTs\Loadout.sqf";




      10.   Save all files


       11.   Repack your mission file


       12.   Profit!


To change your KiTs and go into the dialog.hpp and follow the instructions there, go to line 100 DO NOT TOUCH above line 100, unless you are 100% sure what you are doing.




To create your custom kits you will need to copy and RENAME the DefaultLoadout.sqf to the name of your kit.




Kit 1 will be named something like “SniperKit.sqf”


Kit 2 will be named something like “Rifleman.sqf”


Modify the classnames of the items you want to spawn on the player.






Install Guide!



This wouldn't have been possible without these people

Thanks to @Shix for XM8 Apps

Thanks to @happydayz for enigma

Thanks to Josh @GamersRoost for writing the Install Guide and testing!

Edited by [TBI] Liam
Put it on GitHub
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-Added only able to use in safezone option, see the not at the bottom of the readme.txt for how to set this

-Changed the changing.sqf file to be more efficient as pointed out by @Taylor Swift, Thanks taylor Swift!

-Fixed File paths in dialog.hpp

-Fixed two missing semit colons in dialog.hpp that didn't break the code but created errors in the RPT

Edited by [TBI] Liam

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11 minutes ago, Metalman10 said:

Real cool bro! Maybe add a animation to the character as hes changing? Other than that real cool script. 

So i have thought about this and i will do it but in future, i have lots of plans for this!


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I have a suggestion/request. Is it possible to add an option so this app would only work when inside a trader zone? 

This is really awesome work, great stuff man!


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