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No matter what i try i just cant get the location marker on the map to disappear :(. I have tried changing the difficulty from ExileRegular to ExileHardcore but all this did was hide the cross hair and prevent me from using 3rd person. I had a dig through the config.bin file and found that in both ExileRegular and ExileHardcore the vonID is disabled so decided to make a custom difficulty in the hope that i could remove the location marker along with enabling vonID.

I added the DifficultyPresets section to my Arma3Profile file and changed the difficulty in Config.cfg to custom.


Arma3Profile file:

class DifficultyPresets
    class CustomDifficulty
        class Options
    class CustomAILevel


Config.cfg file:

class Missions
    class Exile
        template = Exile.Esseker;
        difficulty = "Custom"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore

I have confirmed that my custom difficulty is being used by disabling 3rd person so know that my files are working correctly however i still cant get rid of the location marker on the map.
If i recall correctly back in Arma 2 days, to remove them you had to set the difficulty to veteran or above so i have also tried veteran but again all this done is disable 3rd person and remove the cross hair.
After doing some searching on google i came across a few pages saying that i need to add "map="0";" to my difficulty options so i gave it a try but the location marker is still there. :(

I am close to giving up and keeping the location marker but would really like to get rid of it. Anyone got any other ideas?


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