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I am new to having a server and any helpful info would be nice.

So here is the problem when the server got setup i was able to join no problem with just the exile mod installed on altis. Now Im trying to install the cup maps to change over the chernarus i have everything  installed but now when i join i get You were kicked off the game battleye Script Restriction #7. I have Change the mission file and the config but i guess im just having trouble understanding how to add the exception to the script that i need to add it to. 

This is what im getting in the scripts.log: http://pastebin.com/R5KtSVFc

I know i need to change something here in the scripts.txt: http://pastebin.com/ZFdgWr1y

Just need to what i need to change and if you have any tip on how to read the scripts.txt a little better that would be great

If you need anymore info to help me fix this just let me know.

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try putting 

!="=\n[\n \n];\n \n{\nprivate ["_object"];\n \n_object = (_x select 0) createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];\n_object setDir (_x select 2);\n_object setPo"

in line 9 in scripts.txt

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The easiest way to add this is:


go to your script exception #, in this case #7,  take everything from the first quote to the end quote and paste it in.



Click on the triangle (arrow) 

2017-08-04 01_44_13-BE Filter Editor.png

This will open it up so you can add another exception (click on add exception)

2017-08-04 01_44_31-BE Filter Editor.png

Then paste in the error from quote to quote

2017-08-04 01_44_55-BE Filter Editor.png

the saved file will save to your "downloads" directory.



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easy method

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