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Im currently setting another server. I was after some help with a little problem i have.

There are persistent vehicles around the map. They are the main source of people getting around - after they have fixed them. 

I would like to add some "high end" vehicles to purchase from the trader. I would like these to be bought with out a locking function on them. Is this possible? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Are you looking to make all vehicles without locks? Or just specific vehicles? The only issue I see is that the vehicles will be non-persistent in order to not have the lock function. Their may be a way to auto set the codes or certain vehicles to 0000, but you will need to disable the change pin code feature to stop players from changing them afterwards. 

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Do you have any vehicles that are able to be locked? If not, you could just comment out Class Lock and Class Unlock from CFGInteractionMenus in config.cpp

You would still enter a pin when you buy the vehicle, but it wouldn't matter because you won't get the option to lock it.

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