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Honest Jon

Issue accessing Safes / Crates / Cars


Hey guys,

Hoping someone can point me in a direction to look at what could be causing an issue we are seeing more and more.

After around an hour of being in game (sometimes less) almost all players are having an issue accessing basically anything that is a container - Nothing obvious in logs and I have stripped back addons one at a time to see if anything helps and still see it.

Server FPS remains high even when this happens so I dont think its lag - Also threads are pretty low (also happens when they are high so not sure if threads are relevant)

Were running latest Arma / Exile mods - Plus VEMF - DMS - Occupation - ZCP & ExileZ2 Ryan Zombies (I know that is a lot but we have been running this for over 2 months and only really started seeing the issue when we updated to latest Exile Mod also memory use & CPU on the server are low)

I have tried latest builds of all mods and reverting back to old builds I know were working of each mod and still it seems to happen.

Any ideas greatly appreciated - I have searched for anything I can try on hear and so far nothing obvious.

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Update on this in case anyone is interested 

i have reverted to A3_Dms and Occupation to versions I was using at the end of May (I don't have th numbers to hand) and haven't had any issues for over 24 hours  even when the server has had 40 players on !

if anyone is interested I can get versions or even provide my PBO's just PM me

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