Cant update Server to 136802

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I tried to build our new exile server on the map Tanoa.  The install of the Dedicated Server on my machine works fine via the steamcmd. Exile installed etc. Server starts correct (some little errors but not about my problem). When i visit the server list ingame i can find my server. But i cant join... There is a red cross and it requires the build 136470 and not 136802 like my client has. 

I read many posts but found nothing. Anybody knows what to do out there?

Thx for help, lg Sly

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what branch did you use for steamcmd? tanoa is available on 162RC, sneak preview, and development branch currently.

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Configure the batch file like this to get the newest build:


@echo off
@rem http://media.steampowered.com/installer/steamcmd.zip

       :: DEFINE the following variables where applicable to your install

    SET A3serverBRANCH=233780 -beta apex_sneak_preview
    ::SET A3serverBRANCH=107410 -beta apex_sneak_preview <<-- not correct!
    ::SET A3serverBRANCH=233780 -beta development <<-- only DEV build, Apex preview != DEV
        :: For stable use 233780 -beta
        :: For Dev use 233780 -beta development
                :: Note, the missing qotation marks, these need to be wrapped around the entire "+app_data......"
                :: There is no DEV branch data yet for Arma 3 Dedicated Server package !!!

    SET A3serverPath=C:\Arma\ServerT
        SET STEAMPATH=C:\Arma\Steamcmd

:: _________________________________________________________

echo     You are about to update ArmA 3 server
echo        Dir: %A3serverPath%
echo        Branch: %A3serverBRANCH%
echo     Key "ENTER" to proceed
%STEAMPATH%\steamcmd.exe +login %STEAMLOGIN% +force_install_dir %A3serverPath% +"app_update %A3serverBRANCH%" validate +quit
echo .
echo     Your ArmA 3 server is now up to date
echo     key "ENTER" to exit

Didnt know that you have to define it like this... Thx to CEN

Edited by S.L.Y.Toxin
Solution found!
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