EMP to slow down raiding

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Had an idea to help out with people upset about base raiding, how about an EMP type device that would disable drones, satchels, grinders, thermal scanners, etc for like 5 minutes so you have a chance to defend or get back to your base if you're killed to try and stop someone from just satcheling everything to destroy all your gear before you make it back. When it's active it could also block building, so people can't just keep putting up wall after while when they're being raided.

It could also be enabled remotely from the new app when you get a raid alert so you have 5 minutes to actually get to a computer and get the game loaded.

Just make it single use and very expensive, and/or require a lot of rep, could also make it expire every few days or after a week so the raiders still have a chance if you forget to reinstall a new one or whatever.

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