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Battle eye Not working

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Anyone can help me with this command line and check it for me as BE is not working and i have BE = 1 in the server.cfg


HELP please!!!

hostname            = "[UGC]ExileChernarus 10KStart|EXTENDED BASE|HIGH FPS-LOOT|Advance Tow-Sling|Events|Active Admins|";    // The name of the server that will be displayed in the public server list
//password          = "";                        // Password to join the server
passwordAdmin       = "XXXX";                        // Password to become server admin. When you're connected to the server, open the chat and type '#login password'
serverCommandPassword    = "XXXXX"; //password required by scripts such as infistar, to perform server side scripting
logFile = "server.log"; //location of log file
verifySignatures = 1; //signature verification, could be implemented as a check box, 0 if unchecked, 1 if checked (default 1)
BattlEye = 1; //another checkbox, default 1(checked)
requiredBuild = 131969;


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You using Host Havok? What makes you think it isn't working? If you want to get RCON working do the following:

You need to put a BEServer.cfg in your A3DS/BattlEye folder

In that BEServer.cfg you need to add the following if it isn't already there:

RconPassword changeme < Replace changeme with your password.

MaxPing 600 < Replace this with whatever you want, it will prevent people with pings at or higher than 600 from joining.

RConPort 2309 < I believe this is +5 from your servers port. So if you are using port 2307 you would put 2312 this varies from host to host, etc.

My Host Havoc had a BEServer_active_3afc.cfg  in that folder already and I just made it match the BEServer.cfg.

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