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Hi all.

My users are getting kicked... When flying helis or their view  distance is 1600m.  Any ideas? Thanks for any help. using version 46. 

The kick log:

16-06-2016 01:25:59 | kami(76xxxxxxxxxxx ID: 3 (SLOG_SKICK)
16-06-2016 01:28:32 | Oussama(76xxxxxxx) ID: 4 (HLOG_SKICK)
16-06-2016 07:05:17 | kami(76xxxxxxxxxx) ID: 3 (SLOG_SKICK)
16-06-2016 07:05:18 | kami(76xxxxxxxxx) ID: 3 (HLOG_SKICK)
16-06-2016 08:34:19 | kami(76xxxxxx) ID: 3 (SLOG_SKICK)

I then saw this in surveillance log.... times correlate...

16-06-2016 01:25:59 |  | kami(76xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | 1h 17min 59s | Player Rating Check Thread not running 0 - Exile_Unit_Player - @[24221.4,18076.2,0.00143886] 242180
16-06-2016 07:05:17 |  | kami(76xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | 2h 57min 5s | Player Rating Check Thread not running 100000 - Exile_Unit_Player - @[24209.9,18072.5,0.00143886] 242180
16-06-2016 08:34:19 |  | kami(76xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | 0h 26min 29s | Player Rating Check Thread not running 0 - Exile_Unit_Player - @[23497.5,18486.3,0.00143909] 234184

In hack log I see this............ (these are long time trusted players)..

16-06-2016 01:28:32 | XxDuSs90xX | Oussama(76xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | 1h 20min 31s | TP with AI as driver..  Moved 46m in 0.29599s (from [15901.2,20468.2,93.2779] to [15859.9,20447.6,92.6814]). TopSpeed of Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA is 300 speed was 561.456. Player FPS: 57.554.
16-06-2016 07:05:17 |  | kami(76xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | 2h 57min 5s | Player Low Rating! 100000 - Exile_Unit_Player - @[24209.9,18072.5,0.00143886] 242180

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ExileClient_system_rating_balance adds to your clients object a rating of 100000 and then subtracts old rating, since your players had 0 when they got kicked, that means they did not have the exile client running properly.

Also infiSTAR client side adds rating, even more than the exile client.

but your player still had 0. so they're definitely BROKEN or HACKING.

The ones with 100000 seem to have the exile client running correctly, but not infiSTAR client.

well that's just it.

If it happens, his client is not running correctly or he's hacking. Simple as that :)


For the Mohawk - it tells the problem

Max possible vehicle speed is 300 (taken from arma config file) while your player was flying 561 - how did he manage to do that? :P
Oh well and the driver/pilot was not a player either


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Could they of been moving that fast due to server lag? Or does infiSTAR when running on client side account for this? I used to get a few people kicked when riding a bike back when I was running a server with crazy lag constantly.

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