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Server: Object n:nnnn not found


Hey guys... this has been discussed quite often now...

e.g. here. 



...but this is getting a little out of hand on my server.

17:15:08 Server: Object 2:6836 not found (message Type_92)

Like... >really< out of hand, spamming my logs with several thousand lines per server cycle. The more players, the more spam.

I'm running 

  • CBA_A3
  • VEMF
  • DMS
  • Occupation
  • CUP Vehicles
  • CUP Weapons
  • CUP Units

Is this some kind of failing server internal object reference? What causes this? Maybe the AIs?

Are you guys experiencing this as well? Did you fix it somehow?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated! 




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2 answers to this question

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You can always run this every once in a while to actually get things identified (note: not tested, just an example):

{_objNetId = netId _x; diag_log format["object: %1 netid: %2",typeof _x,_objnetid];} foreach allmissionobjects;

From what I've seen a getposatl/setposatl on units could be causing these messages to be logged. Changing to getpos/setpos has been reported to reduce the amount of log spam.

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unless it actually names an object or item its almost always AI related, especially happens when AI are offloaded to client.

Its annoying in logs but actually is just reporting something you didn't want to know about and this has been happening all the way since Arma2 so don't think it will be fixed, cus it wont

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