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Esseker Loot Spawns

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That's right, another no loot thread - except it isn't 'no-loot' so much as 'wtf is going on here?'

I'm working on assembling an Exile Esseker server with a friend, and we followed this post as a general guideline.
We did modify a few steps along the way while we were setting everything up; using A2OP rather than AIA, assembled a list of buildings and loot spawns on our own instead of using Hollow's, disabled loot spawn restrictions around trader cities in Exile.Esseker's config.cpp for testing, etc.

At first we thought it was a full-on no-loot issue, then we decided to use infiSTAR's loot esp and broaden the search.
After a while we found a few buildings that spawn loot, but it seems limited to specific buildings / locations. Yes, same building class name when compared to other locations, not a _dam version. Confirmed using infiSTAR hud.

Can anyone shed some light on what may be going on here or where to look in order to fix this?
Can provide code snipets as requested.

It's also noteworthy to mention this is on a Linux server, everything is latest version, and Exile Esseker is completely vanilla right now apart from infi.

Here are the only buildings we've been able to find loot in so far, and the location they spawn it. Outside the listed towns the buildings don't seem to spawn anything.


Land_Shed_Wooden (Kula)
Land_Ind_Pec_03b (Plomino Pwr Stn)
Land_HouseV2_02_Interier (Gulash)
Land_sara_hasic_zbroj (Gulash)
Land_HouseV_1I4 (Posestra)
Land_HouseV2_04_Interier (Posestra)
Land_HouseV_1L2 (Posestra)
Land_Farm_Cowshed_b [but not a or c] (Posestra)
Land_Ind_Sawmill (Danilov)

I'm guessing it could be something to do with defined map/town/trader areas, but we disabled spawn restrictions, so I dunno - I'm still learning some of this stuff, heh.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide useful direction or feedback.


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Have a look in your RPT log for any errors. Im running Esseker on a local test server and have managed to get loot to spawn fine in all (as far as i know) buildings so it could just be a error in your code like a missing ; or something simple like that

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I'm not new to coding (it's my day job, actually), it's more a matter of still getting used to the A3 script structures - suffice to say there are no missing semicolons. Those type errors tend to keep the server from running at all.

We did fix an issue in the cfgBuildings class however, where the class was erroneously closed '};' halfway through the list. I cleaned that up and removed any duplicates. 
When I started seeing issues with loot on the map it did make me wonder if the devs had to jury-rig something elsewhere in order to get the rest of the building loot to work, and that my 'fix' could be a part of the issue...
I did want to post about that in the 'ask the devs' section, actually, but having not had to ask about much here in the forums up to this point has my post count a bit on the low side for that just yet.

As far as the logs, I do see a number of 'strange convex component' notifications and 'podesta_1 config class missing' type errors on server load, but it's my understanding that these are in fact 'normal'.

We are having a separate issue I'm looking into currently that is generating a lot of 'object id not found in slot' and 'link cannot be resolved' spam in the log, but I'm reasonably convinced this is unrelated to loot spawning and is instead related to the vast sea of supply drops in the southwest corner of the map that aren't de-spawning; see attachment, lol.


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I'm having a similar problem.   I don't have Infistar installed yet but cannot find any loot anywhere.  I have been able to modify the bambi loadouts and spawn points so at least that is working.  I'm seeing no errors in the RPTs other than the Object IDs not found and Link cannot be resolved.  theCodeMonger, in what bldg did you see the erroneous closing?  I'm using the latest Exile 0.9.8 and Esseker 0.8 files and didn't see anything amiss.  But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why no loot.  I'm relatively new to A3.  Most of my work had been in A2 before so I'm still figuring out the file structure and locations.  I seem to recall that the Y and Z coords are swapped in one of these mods so it should be (X,Z,Y) instead of (X,Y,Z) but cannot find that reference any more.   Besides which, I'd expect the loot tables to have been correct from that standpoint.  I've been researching for days and am still no closer to why no loot.  

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