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Sloth Machine

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Not sure if this is intended or not but so far even when i win i loose....

It costs 100 per spin and the winnings are lower then the cost of the spin. The cost of spin is not refunded if you win.

3x toilet rolls = 1 poptab win = 99 poptab loss
3x Candy Bar = 10 poptab win = 90 poptab loss
3x beer bottle = 25 poptab win = 75 poptab loss
3x knife = 50 poptab win = 50 poptab loss
3x safe = 100 poptab win = break even

Took me a while to test this as the spins are soooo slow so sorry if someone else already posted it


Also if you spam the spin button you can get 2 spins running at the same time. It takes money for both


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