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First of all thanx for opening the test version of the new update to the public.

Early acces to tanoa and the Exile in the same week! Bye bye social life.


Heres my feedback:



*Flip bike option not working( ejecting your bike means you are walking)

*Confirmed could not pick up wallet(this was in the trader city in a building)

*Kills show up in Killfeed as roadkills(minor but wanted to report it anyways.2kills 2times roadkills).

*lmg fits long range scopes even tho the model clips true.

(I know this is just a server setting but i think the mk200/zafir and pkm should only fit medium range scopes.This for basic weapon balancing and the moddels are clipping true when reloading.)


Vehicle and weapon bugs----------------

First of all thanx for fixing the physics on the arma 2 SUV xl.

Now there are still some bugs with the new vehicles that you might still be working on.

I have no idiea how easy or hard it is to fix these but i wanted to report the ones that i think are important.

*Hummvee window armor missing?

Apperently 556 shoots straight tru the windows al tho it does reduce the velocity.

*Armored SUV

This one is the other way around.

Window can stop a .50 round but the body/Doors are penetrated by 9mm.(armor none).

This is the same as in the CUP version of the armored SUV.

*Would really like some more clips for the huey.

Most servers have no way to rearm.


I think these two vehicles are highly anticipated and would be my nr1 priority to fix.

Then again i have no experience in that aspect.


Minor bugs/tweaks------------------

*M134 on 4k rpm has a bugged sound

*M1014 has no aim down sight option even tho it has iron sights.

*M1014 pallets act like a slug .

If this is entensional because of dificulty of coding then forget i said it.

*For Anyone trying to load in with the development branch of arma,

thats the reason ure stuck on the loading map screen.


Thanx again for releasing,


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Yes but there less important.

You want all bugs ,

missing armor ratings and physics problems.

or just bugs?

Greetings Acab


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These were the full results of me testing the vehicles.

I only posted the ones that where the most important but heres the rest.


Some armor values seem to be incorrect.

Calibers used from small to big where:
9mm            Rook40
.45 acp.           Vermin
556 NATO       Mk20c
6.5 mm.           Mk200
762x51.            Mk18 abr
338 lm.             Mar10
9.3 mm.             Navid
408                M320lrr. 
.50.                Lynx

Angles used where:

*Direct Front armor

*Side armor (Doors)

note:Brdm/btr40 have different armor ratings for the front 30%of the vehicle.sides and front.


This is 6.5 vs a brdm:

41FE05A96467A52300B831993928E0F160CA1EC5 (1280×768)

Below is when i could penetrate the armor.

Armor                         :556 and up.
Armor of Front 30% :762 and up
Windows: /
Notes:No magazine indicator but plenty of mags.

Armor:556 and up
Armor front 30% :762 and up
Windows : /
Notes:First person has low gun sounds.

Hmmwv m1151 m2 
Armor:  .50 and up
Windows: .45 and up
Notes:colour front is woodland,back is desert

Hmmwv m2/m134/mev
Armor :338 and up
Windows :6.5 at reduced velocity
762 at one shot kill velocity.
Notes:Gunner Seat only available from right Side of vehicle.

These armored vehicles can be used as a reference:

Armor:408 and up
Front window :762 reduced velocity and up
Side Windows :762 and up

Windows :6.5 reduced velocity.
Armor :no man portable weapon able to penetrate!!!

Huey m240:
2 people can sit on the same seat.
This bug is probably when the huey got upgraded to firing from vehicles(ffv) and they forgot to remove the old ones.

*passenger 2 (no ffv)is same as passenger left Seat(ffv)
*Passenger 4 (no ffv)is same as right Seat (ffv)
*Passenger right Seat is sitting left and vice versa.
Personaly i would remove radar or make a version without radar.

Huey unarmed:
Same bug as the armed huey exept the left and right seats are named correct.
Pas right (ffv) is 6 no (ffv)
Pas left (ffv) is pas 1 no (ffv)
Only left (ffv) Seat can be accessed from the outside of the heli.

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On 19.6.2016 at 11:37 AM, ACAB said:

Now there are still some bugs with the new vehicles that you might still be working on.

Don't wanna hijack your thread just wondering that noone else stated that before but the whole damage/armory/hitbox handle in exile seems way off.

Shootin ppl out of vehicle in exile is pretty easy, even with low calibers like 6.5mm - not sure if it is a damage/armory thing or just screwed up hitboxes.

I made so many 1tap shots on ppl in vehicle from 500-100m and i even didn't aimed properly, sometimes it looks like you just have to aim somewhere at the vehicle and boom, dead. This phenomenon usually appear on "weak" armored vehicles.


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