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Flashlight, anyone?

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Back in the good ol' DayZ Mod days when you started off with a backpack, painkillers, two bandages and your trusty flashlight! 

The flashlight always presented itself in the most peril times of need. When all was dark and dim, that yellow dollar store illumination brought light into your scary zombie forsaken world. The easy to spot bambi spawning in Cherno would be recognized from Sniper Hill of Elektro by the simple beam of a flashlight.

I think that it'd be amazing if a new utility could be a basic flashlight model. Yea, you can have them on your gun, but what if your nowhere near a trader, or your on your way to one. Allowing players to spawn in with a flashlight will make nights much more appealing. I recall a lot of people leaving servers when they transition into night because they simply cannot see or they don't have NVGs. This proposes an issue for server owners and players alike. Obviously the workaround of adding a full moon makes it much easier, but an independent flashlight could present some nice uses to the game. 


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