[SOLVED] Tanoa - Map Markers Button Fix

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MGT Dave just told me, the latest DEV branch update fixed the issue.





Hi all,

Can anyone share how to create the map markers button fix that I have seen on several Tanoa maps?

I have looked and googled but seem to be drawing a blank.


Thanks guys :) 

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Well I might add different things to that package, as you probably recognized I've been adding many many things to the exile version and I'm not taking a fee per month or per update so I kind of have to do something else to get a few sales you know :)

I would put it for 5€ or maybe even less but from that 10 Paypal takes like 1 and government 5€ so I end up with 4€ which at the end of the day is probably nothing for a community.

But I've also given it out to at least 20 people just because they asked for it, so I'm really not trying to be "avarice"

and at the end of the day, I did not even know people need/want that. it was made to fix the problem for a few days until the error is fixed by BI but that takes a while as it seems .. so yep I'm trying to get a bit out of it and I wouldn't blame anybody else to do that with his work ;)

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