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How are people creating Tanoa servers? Thinking about setting one up and then setting up custom traders and such. 


However, I have the development build, but I cant find any mission files, server files or anything on the web.

I tried using Steam Update through my hosting provider but it had done nothing,



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You'll find a mission file for Tanoa here.

You'll find loot files, among others, here.

I haven't seen anyone sharing their trader related stuff as yet but unless you know what you're doing (or intend to learn) you'd be better of waiting. Tanoa is planned to be the next supported map for Exile so you'll get a lot of functionality "out of the box", so to speak, when it arrives.

Apex (Tanoa) isn't officially released until next month but I think the Exile Devs are pretty much on top of everything. Well, as much as you can be when you're dealing with BI.


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You have to create the missions files yourself using the 2D editor, you can copy a lot of the info from the Altis mission file,


you our will also have to create the loot positions files yourself too

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