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Hey folks,

I really like the snowfall for the map Namalsk.
I added the remaining surface types from the map to have snowfall all over the island.

The problem with the snowflakes is, that they are too huge imo and I want to make them tinier.
I asked @Eichi if it's possible at all and he replied to my question here.
I hate to ask, because I'm trying always to achieve things on my own.
So, I did some research and found particle effects in the data_f.pbo of the A3 game folder.
Since I'm not skilled enough I have no clue which config Eichi means, nore I would have to set up the mentioned variables.
I already asked for help in the Weather Section but since nobody replied to my request,
I want to submit an official request for this here.

Since it's very important for the environmental settings for my new server I'm working on atm,
I'm searching for someone who can set this up for me and I'm willing to donate for it!

Thanks in advance and if you can provide help, just pm me!

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You may want to check ExileClient_system_snow_event_onPlayerSpawned ;) There you can apply the script commands I have mentioned.

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Thanks, that helped a bit and I got the first steps done.

I set up setParticleRandom, the way how snow falls has changed but it's far away from what it should be and the size is still the same.
I assume that setParticleParams is needed as well and the example given here is really confusing me.
So I played around with this nice tool here , I was able to understand a bit more about the syntax.
Changing the values brought some improvement, but setting up particles is another story.
I'm completely lost with that.

Snowfall how it is by default is cool, I want just the snowflakes to be tinier.
I think I will trial and error forever on that without some help. :(

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