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This is literally the first i have heard about any of this about exile being unhappy. I have been away for 6 weeks in Romania, but still the lack of information that comes my way is limited at best.

I had always said we should have exile in the name but was told it had to be forsaken - I was not involved in any branding or calling it a new mod

I have always said it was exile. I added to napf but cert got ExileZero to make most of it, I just configured it, the exile way!

I have loved exile since the day it was released the day we got our old dogs server advertised by you guys. 

I am not part of any of the other things that they are making, RP, cherno what ever idea they have. I am about customising Exile like you designed it to be, with stuff release on the forums.

I do not wish to be exiled from exile. 

I have spoken to the Devs - we are good.

At this point I have cut my ties from worp




Ps  how do you change forum name?

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