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I need help!


Hey, you can call me MarSOC, I really need help and I am very desperate for it!

So this is how the story starts...My friend opened a Exile server with the common mods, RHS,CUP,Tyrk, ect. I install the mods manually and attempt to join the server, it lets me in for at least 20 seconds before kicking me without a reason. I have tried EVERYTHING. I have re-installed Arma 3, I have re-installed ALL the mods at least three times and have deleted all Arma related files and re-installed them. I also verified the Arma 3 cahche at least 10 times. I really need help! even if you are looking to fix this for money/steam games!!! I really want to play Exile with my friends again. Please contact me via email @ greenblock115@gmail.com or add me on steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/CuderMARSOC/ Please contact me ASAP. I am not in the position to pay somebody to fix this for me but if it comes down to it I will pay whoever helps me fix it!

( It would be best if the issue can possibly be fixed on TeamViewer.)

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