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So i've recently joined a server where by majoirty of the vehicles are quite expensive and currency is hard to come by at first.

Looking at the list a mountain bike ( Spawn bike ) is my cheapest option at 80 caps.  But the bikes dont have any type of " storage ".


So my suggestion is quite obvious... Bike Bags! :D



They would have a low capacity storage which would be ideal for cans of food / bottles of water maybe the odd .45 ammo  maybe if possible they are able to be " removed " off a bike just like removing a backpack from your person.


Im in work right now so cant really research other types of bags or write up alot so ill leave this open to feedback and add more later on when i get some time!




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omg guys....


you forgot about a bike bell :D:D !


this might not even be limited to push bikes... imagin getting some roof racks for vehicles :o  STORAGE !!!!



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