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Lag spikes/Heavy CPU Usage



Been talking to our new server provider regarding severe lag spikes and high CPU usage on our dedicated server, wondering if anyone else has experienced issues like these and has determined one of the following mods/addons to be the cause.

Server mods:
CUP Units
CUP Weapons
CUP Vehicles
Exile/Exile Server
Extended Base Mod (no large bases built on the server, yet)

A3_dms (configured below default settings)

When we hosted via Survival Servers we were able to enable ExileZ as well, with 15 zombie spawns in cities and with 15 DMS missions running without any spikes in CPU usage or latency. We also had a constant 30 players connected without issues.

Our new provider is GTXGaming and we're running into these issues with 10 players online...

Edit: We're currently running at 38% cpu usage with spikes up to 45-50% with a total of 10 players and 5-10 DMS AI on the entire map. Also running at 3% memory usage constantly, server FPS runs between 45-50 according to infistar.

Any information/help is appreciated!

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pretty much our host is blaming a mod for high CPU usage which is causing the server to lag telling us to remove all mods from server even though on test server it runs fine

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