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Today I published a new video. After making some seperate threads I decided, like others, to make a thread were I will post/update all my Exile videos for you to enjoy. Let's kick off with my Exile vids to date, including some Tanoa action. Let me know what you think, I am dying to hear your thoughts! Come find me on Youtube-channel if you want to stay posted!

Kind regards, Joe Holland

Published today (23th June): "I heard some footsteps creeping up on me....Twice...."

First look at Tanoa... ambushes galore:

I put a lot of effort into the editing for this one. It's a 2 perspective double vision:

Shooting from choppers... with an AA12 + HE rounds... nuff said:


Something else... I tried to capture the ambiance of being a silent, stalking lone wolf:


While I was streaming... I had a showdown with another live streamer (Beardageddon). Two perspectives:

My First ever life in Exile... Death by bike:

Upcoming videos will be posted in reply to this thread. Thank you all for watching, I am dying to hear your thoughts! :)



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