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4 day old server, 1-10 fps constantly. Problem went away after wiping database.

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I started an Exile server a few days ago for some friends (through Host Havoc). Just today we all started getting horrible FPS, around 10, even 1 at times and completely unplayable. We were using like 10% cpu and 15% memory. I wiped the database and all the fps issues seemed to completely go away.

Does this make any sense? What could have caused this problem? All I have on the server are DMS, status bar and Infistar.

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Seems like to many items in Database, but if you are only running those things you said...

How many spawn zone vehicles are there? If you have 1000 vehicles allready on your map, that would cause some lag.

These are tips to reduce server lag:

  • Don't have to much Ai
  • Don't have to many vehicles on the map
  • Don't use to many scripts, since some of them are not written very well...

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