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Banana is outdated. There is a newer version of Exile available. Do not use Banana anymore!

This topic has been added for downwards compatibility.

Problems where action of Bohemia is required:

- HUD shows sometimes red ammunition even if weapon is loaded
- Range Finders / TWS etc. were supposed to be fixed in Arma 1.50, but Bohemia decided not to release it :(
  https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/showHUD -> It says v1.49.131879 but its not in yet


- Moved the "Loot spawned for you" message to another type of notification, so streamers can see it
- Added compatibility with Arma 1.50
- Updated the basic.cfg template for optimal performance and lag-free gaming for 1GBit/s + 100 slot servers
- Added a completely new way of ingame notifications (might need some tweaking, need feedback please)
- Hunger and thirst rate decreased by 33%, so you can live longer (Loot a shop, its not that hard!)
- Increased the spawn chance of matches by 500% (civillian lower class + shops)
- Added matches to industrial loot too
- Added a new model + art for the cooking pot
- Vehicle wrecks and corpses will now despawn after 15 minutes and not instantly (server config)
- Added the territory slide to the XM8
- Boat traders are now integrated (there is no boat customs, you can buy skins directly)
- Fixed rounding problems with the XM8 for respect and pop tabs
- Respect and pop tabs will now show the full / real amount as a tooltip
- Added proper vehicle god mode to purchased vehicles so they will not spawn damaged (especially the hellcat)
- Solved the "I cannot get into a vehicle sometimes if someone is already in" problem (Classic Arma problem)
- Bambi Creation Timeout problem fixed
- Added a "health monitor" to the XM8. It will show your hitpoints or the ones of the vehicle you are in (community wish)
- Added better BE filters for drones
- Added quad bikes, karts and theirs skins to the traders
- Added two more trader zones on Altis to lower trader camping
- Auto-run does stop immediately now if you press 0 again
- Auto-run will stop if you run into the ocean, shot or if your legs are "broken" (>50% damage)
- You cannot auto-run anymore when you are injured
- Corrected the MAR10 magazine in the traders
- Fixed doors spawning in unlocked state after server restart
- Fixed the floating loot in some of the military towers (eg the one on the shore next to the trader city in Altis)
- If stream friendly UI is enabled, the PIN code pad will show **** instead of numbers
- Increased server stability. It runs stable even if 70 players connect at the same time
- The difficulty level "Exile Hardcore" is now "first person only" by default
- Fixed an exploit where creative people could bypass safe locks
- Completely redone notification system (bis_fnc_showNotification)
  * Windows 10 style notification
  * Stacking Capability (max 10, if you add more they will be displayed when slides are available)
  * Uses same config as BIS_fnc_showNotification
  * 4 input support
  * Coloring from config
  * Duration from config
  * Subtle sound
- Added confirmation option to (move/deconstruct) for buildings
- Fixed possible duping of smoke grenades (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25067)

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Can someone tell me the TeamSpeak to this server?

Nope, you're out of luck.


As a side note, people are not going to take you seriously with your profile pic.






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