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Memory Page Faults

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I have read the few posts that are semi-related to this issue, but I am looking for any more information that anybody can give me.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the Memory PageFaults on my server is quite a bit higher than I have seen other on peoples servers. I have even seen the pagefault numbers climb to to over 10000.

Although I cannot seem to notice any in game performance drop related to these faults, my Exile server is only a week old and has only topped out at 17 players. Even when there is 0 players online the memory faults are still in the thousands.

I have added  -loadmissiontomemory  & -maxMem=3072 to the startup line recently after seeing those posted in the other memory related threads and honestly I think one of those have made it even worse. I had never seen 10000 page faults until I added those parameters.

The server mods are DMS, Occupation and Ryans Zombles.

I am running a dedicated box from OVH with 32GB memory and Xeon CPU, on there I also have 2 Arma 2 servers running.  I get no memory errors on the Arma 2 servers, nor do I get any warnings on the server telling me there is a problem with its memory.

What I would like to know is if there could be a problem later on down the line? 

Is it worth looking into these faults further?

Are these memory faults an indication of a bigger problem on the dedi box or is it just normal for Arma 3?    If it is normal for Arma 3 then why are the other screenshots I have seen here running with memory pagefaults in the hundreds while mine seem to be constantly in the thousands?

Thanks in advance for advice any of you good chaps or chappettes can give me.


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That's not an issue, don't worry about it. There are all kinds of reasons windows (I'm assuming this a windows machine) will have to allocate more memory, or load stuff into main memory for many different reasons. I had a spike around midnight to 12,865 last night when I had probably around 30 people on one of my A2 servers. It could be database (very likely) or it could be Arma, or any other normal system operations. All my A2 instances run around 20-50fps server side. I've been running this setup with OVH for almost a year.

By the way, if you want really good software for monitoring your server and will provide notifications check this out:

It's free for 100 sensors, which is plenty for what you would need to monitor. I use it at work to monitor VMWare hosts, physical machines and VMs (around 500 sensors). It's pretty awesome.



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Sweet! An answer AND  a free piece of useful software!! :rock:

Yeah its a windows machine. I actually use a separate vps (but on the same network) for my databases.

Thank you Kobayashi.


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