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Keep getting kicked from any Exile server I join


Hello all,

For some reason, whenever I join an Exile server, I load in, download the mission, and just as I'm about to spawn into the server, I get the "You were kicked off the game" message. Now I've tried joining many different servers, and it seems to happen on all servers that have the Exile mod enabled on it. I've tried using A3Launcher and the manual way to connect to servers, but both result in the exact same kick message. I've also reinstalled the Exile mod through A3Launcher and by manually downloading the mod from the website, and both methods didn't work either. I really want to play Exile again, however I cannot due to this problem, so I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here. If you require any further information from me, just comment letting me know what you need, and I'll edit this thread.

Click here for a screenshot of the kick message that I'm receiving.

UPDATE: I've just successfully been able to join the CCG - Exile Mod - Chernarus server, however I've tried a few other servers, and I'm still getting the same kick message.


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