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Whilst trying to place a Family map marker get this







Markers only, the polys work fine (creating, other family member seeing it, deleting).

Also the only family member who can see other family members if they are not in a group is the papa (other player shows as red icon).
We only had two family members so couldn't test extensively. "xstreme lads" is the family name.


Other minor things noticed

  1. Supply crates don't appear to be spawning. No warnings of ETA or handcuff markers on map. This was working around RC 10.
  2. Shovel won't equip into launcher slot. This was working around RC 10 as well. Shovel was grabbed from the Trader supply trucks.
  3. Thermal scanner is still a 'dummy' box in inventory. Only mentioned as i see it as an item on the ground now.

For more info ask myself or @kiwigreen as he was testing with me.

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Thanks, the BE things have been fixed already.

We have made the supply drop more rare. It spawned way too often, rendering it useless.

I spawned the wrong shovel in the truck, sorry :(

The thermal scanner will remain that way for now. I dont have anything better atm.

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