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It seems to me that the radiation effect when wearing a gas mask is the same as when not wearing. You just don't sustain damage if you're wearing a mask. How would I go about adjusting the effects when wearing a gas mask so they aren't so extreme?

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I was thinking the same thing tbh but so far have only tested it while using infistar god mode. Wasn't sure if this was interfering at all but like i say i havn't tested this yet

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As a temporary solution, I set my radiation zone like this:

{{11919, 7928.75, 13.6344},0,200}	// Novi Grad

That glaring white visual isn't there because the full radiation radius is set to 0. Unprotected players still get significant radiation but they can still see somewhat better.

I tried editing the ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf file to remove the visual effect for someone wearing a gasmask and I overwrote it in my customconfig section:

if !(ExilePlayerRadiation isEqualTo ExilePlayerRadiationLastCheck) then 
	if !("Exile_Headgear_GasMask" in (assignedItems player)) then 
	ExilePostProcessing_RadiationColor ppEffectAdjust 
		linearConversion [0, 1, ExilePlayerRadiation, 1, 1.3],
		linearConversion [0, 1, ExilePlayerRadiation, 0, -0.05],
		[1.5,1.3,1,1 - ExilePlayerRadiation],
	ExilePostProcessing_RadiationColor ppEffectCommit 2;
	ExilePostProcessing_RadiationChroma ppEffectAdjust [0.02 * ExilePlayerRadiation,0.02 * ExilePlayerRadiation,true];
	ExilePostProcessing_RadiationChroma ppEffectCommit 2;		
	ExilePostProcessing_RadiationFilm ppEffectAdjust [ExilePlayerRadiation,8.39,8,0.9,0.9,true];
	ExilePostProcessing_RadiationFilm ppEffectCommit 2;

That resulted in the radiation zone starting for a split second (I heard some clicks of the geiger counter) but then the radiation zone had no effect. I'm sure someone that understands the code better than me could get this working. 

@Eichi An option in the config.cpp to allow server owners to choose if they want the visual effects removed with a gas mask would be a nice feature for the next version!

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I've posted a suggestion in the proper forum about radiation effects and expanded on my original question from this post.

My next question would be about the damage that is given to a player. The formula is this: _damage = 1/(5*60) * 2;

Can someone explain that to me? I'd like to make an adjustment to the damage a player receives.

*EDIT* Nevermind. I figured it out!

Edited by BetterDeadThanZed

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Let me tell you how the internet works... When you create a topic and some time later, another person is searching for the same topic, search engines direct that person to your topic!  Amazing huh!

So, with that in mind.... please provide future searchers like me with something better than  " *EDIT* Nevermind. I figured it out! "


as a moderator i am disappointed in your lack of foresight

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Use that same internet search and you'll find the topic I created that explains how to do this. It's probably in the Scripts forum. I'm on vacation in Florida so I'm accessing this with my phone so I can't easily find it for you. 

*edit* I did the leg work for you. Here's the topic that explains how to do it. You're welcome and have a nice day. Vacation mode re-engaging.

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