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[DW] DeepWater Recruiting

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          Hello, and welcome all to the DeepWater recruiting post. My name is Zach, but please call me Zig or Zigzag. This is a brand new clan that has been founded by two people, myself and one of my best friends Bushman. We have known each other for about 3 and a half years, and play games such as ARK survival, Arma 3 including different games modes/mods, CSGO, and many other games. We are heavily PVP oriented, and have plenty of tactical combat experience in Arma 3, but also a lot of PVE experience. We both are casual players, and love to meet new people.

         Like I said this is a brand new clan, so there are a lot of things still in the works, such as an official logo, rules, teamspeak3 permissions, a Exile server to play on, and more. Note: we have a particular Exile server in mind but this could change. We are looking for both casual players and people that would be interested in joining DeepWater. So if you are interested in hanging out, or interested in joining we would love to have you aboard. We also appreciate opinions, questions, and concerns. So if you have anything that you are concerned about, send me a private message or comment below.

        Important note: If you decide you want to join DeepWater, I may conduct an interview with you. I will ask you simple questions such as your name, age, and anything else I may need to know, to get to know you better. There is currently no age restriction, however if you want to join you have to have some maturity, and it is not guarantee that you will get accepted into DeepWater. Until Next time I will see you in the Deep Water.



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