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Adding nonConstructionZones


The Config.cpp asks for the following.

// A list of {position, radius} where building is not allowed at all

However, The file it references "ExileClient_util_world_isInNonConstructionZone" uses the following coding.

_position = _this;
_result = false;
	_distance = (_x select 0) distance _position;
	if (_distance < (_x select 2)) exitWith
		_result = true;
forEach ExileNonConstructionZones;

Meaning in the Config.cpp would need to be.


The file "ExileClient_util_world_isInNonConstructionZone" should change line 

	if (_distance < (_x select 2)) exitWith


	if (_distance < (_x select 1)) exitWith


For now server admins can just use the following format.


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