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Existence - Exile DayZ

Existence is looking for active scripters/coders with some experience in the field. Our current project sits on an Exile server with the zombie surviving experience. We're currently aiming towards creating a very immersive and intense zombie survival experience with RP aspects added to it.

At the moment we have a sole developer sitting with the project on his own, which is very stressful, putting many hours of work in to the project.

We own a server hotel, located in France, able to be tested on, and will most likely upgrade it to a heavier server, by the start of next month.

We do also own a rust server, and will start a Lakeside Life RP Server somewhere in the near future.

If you think you can handle the tasks ahead, and the stressful work of not knowing what the heck is wrong with your coding, yet still find a solution to the work or if you have any questions in general, send me a private messagejoin our Teamspeak at IP: eurots6.gameservers.com:9534or simply comment on the post, and i will contact you from there.

Hit up our steamgroup as well, found under the name: A3Existence

Best Regards.






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