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Hello, im newer to this than most of you, Trying to set up RCON Tool to admin outside game. I used my IP address to connect to server, got the password from the battleeye config inside battle eye folder. I read that the port for that and the port for the game should be the same, however one is 2342 and other is 2345. Not sure if thats a big deal, anyways using all that info, i still can NOT connect to the RCON tool, is there something that im missing or what can i do to fix this?

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Make sure that you are using the BattlEye folder INSIDE your profile. For example:

Do not use:


In your start parameters, make sure you include ("ExileProfile" can be changed to be anything you like):


Example of BEServer.cfg

RConPassword password
MaxPing 600
RConPort 2305

If I launch using this:


then BEServer.cfg is located at:


Hope this helps!

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