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Sound almost is missing


After updating to 0.9.8, the sound from vehicles and most guns, are wierd.

In 3rd person they cannot be heard when facing front, but only when holding Shift down, and turning (looking around).
When looking left, the enginesound can be heard in the right ear, and when turning right, the sound is in the left.
The ambient fly-by is also affected by the sound problem, when jets are circling.

When shot upon, i can only hear the shots, if they are fired from the side, but not when faceing them, witch makeing very hard ;-)

The ambient sound, and music on Altis works for both right and left
In 1st person the issue is not noticeble.


I have tried this on 2 different servers, and same issue on both.

Any ideas?

-- EDIT --
The weapons included in arma + dlc does not have the problem
Running in 3rd person, the sound is only in left ear (channel)
-- EDIT --

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