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mass sell same items and mass select

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it would be a nice idea to be able to mass sell an item which is in multiples, for instance when you collect junk metal from shipping containers you get 18 junk on your person from 2 containers plus whatever is in your vehicle say 90 junk metal for instance and it is not convenient to sell at the dump because you have vital items in the vehicle you want to keep like spare uniform apparel and food and drink. so would be nice if it said you had among other things 10 junk metal in your backpack instead of junk metal 1, junk metal 1, metal 1, junk metal 1, metal 1, junk metal 1, metal 1, junk metal 1, metal 1, junk metal 1,  and the same in your vehicle metal 1, junk metal 1, metal 1, junk metal 1, ....... up to 90 for example. it could merely list junk metal 90 then you could click on it and sell all at once, this would save a lot of time as sometimes you sit there clicking each one and then you see some nvg's and accidentally click sell and the list continues with the odd break for another item so you can see where this is going lol  So yes a sell function for multiple same items would be brilliant and save time and accidentally selling wrong items, also it would work with collecting wood and save all the clicks tring to stock it in your vehicle until its full and then when you want to transfer it back you cant use take all from your vehicle as it will dump logs and other stuff you have into your body uniform and apparel .

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