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SQL Update is Foo Bar.


When I updated the SQL database to 0.9.80 the server is then trying to access columns that no longer exist because you just removed them from the database. So NO it wont work will it? Can you please check the scripts against the code for the mod. Also with your exile.sql could you please for the frustration of everyone tell us what version this is. Version what? it has nothing in it. Updating this with other scripts you provide us is junk.  Even not upgrading this so call exile.sql for god knows what version of the game still doesn't work.

From inside the 0.9.8 server.zip package

upgrade-0.9.40-to-0.9.41 -- OK

upgrade-0.9.41-to-0.9.60 -- FAILS

upgrade-0.9.60-to-0.9.80 -- Totally foobar. Updating Manually to fix the rubbish SQL in this.


Not only this, upon inspection of "upgrade-0.9.41-to-0.9.60" this file is totally different from the same file in 0.9.60.zip Don't you guys even use source control, tortoise svn maybe?

Oh also another good tool to invest in, is winmerge, maybe notepad++.

So can I ask you check your code against svn, and other source control you have before releasing?


This is a good mod, but your destined to fail if you don't have consistent update scripts for starters.





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