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Minor Weapon Bugs list


I'm not sure if this is where to put this, so let me know if I'm in error (or move me), or if this has been reported (I searched and couldn't find it.

I'm compiling a list of weapon bugs I've found and my players have found with some of the new weapons.

M1014 Shotgun - The sights default to 200m when picked up (and dropped/picked up), but acts more like 400m. So people that don't know to pageup/down are shooting over the heads of AI/players.

SVD - Open Sights are off and players are unable to aim down bore (it's canted a bit to the right)

VSS Vintorez - Some reports of scopes shooting wildly high, but I can't repeat the problem. I haven't tried each scope however.


So if this is a dupe or the wrong spot, sorry in advance.


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Not sure how you think "constructive criticism" can be misconstrued as a bug report forum. There is literally a forum right below it that shows Serverside, Clientside, and 3rd party bugs...


Moved to clientside nonetheless

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