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Object Coords changing when the initServer.sqf loads to the server


Ok, I know, I am asking too much at this point, 3rd post in 3 days... Start a server they said, it will be easy they said, it totally won't make you want to blow your brains out they said! Short story: My objects are not placing on the server at the same spot as they are in the editor, despite having the same coords in both places.

This is another odd issue. We have the server working and I spent about 2 days familiarizing myself with the EDEN editor and building my first trade post. I used m3editor to export the object creation/coords and posted this in the initserver file. An example of it is below.

private _objects = [
    private _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0];
    _object setPosASL (_x select 1);
    _object setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 2);
    _object enableSimulationGlobal ((_x select 3) select 0);
    _object allowDamage ((_x select 3) select 1);
} forEach _objects;


This code created my pier and placed all the objects; however, when we launched the server the actual pier was not placed in the correct position as it showed in my editor. It moved the pier about 2m to the side and left the fence where it should be but lowered it by about .2m. Also, a sign I had placed was rotated into a building and my gas pumps were floating in the air and not on the actual platform I had them on.

Any Ideas?


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Ok, so I have a bit more specific information. I built my trader using the Arma 3 editor, then used the m3editor file menu option to export the objects. I copied these coords into my initserver.sqf file for the objects. When the .sqf loads on the server, or even if I load it through the m3Editor in the Arma editor, it actually changes the position of the objects, not placing them at the specified coords. Generally this is a change resembling this:

the editor outputs and my .sqf file for the object reads these coords:

However, when u open this up in the game, the object is actually placed at the coords: [11808.4, 11140.3, 0.0236511]

As a result the building when it is generated on the server is a little tweaked from its placed position causing things to not line up and objects generating inside of walls, etc.

Please help, I don't wanna beg but I will if you want me to. ;)

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I'm having the same issue. Object positions keep resetting, I placed a bunch of gun on a table, spend an hour rotating the damn cans to  position, and hit the "Play" button, just to see all the guns misrotated. Don't know whats going on, but this is incredibly annoying.

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