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Looking for a particular server

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A server with

Hard to find loot
-high powered rifles(snipers, marksman, and some assault rifles)
-meds (instadoc the rarest)
-vest (military type best rarest, even police type vests rare)
-clothing (only clothing you'll find will be civilian clothing and only find military type in military)

-I think the current spawns are good

Traders don't sell
-aircraft and vehicles  should be very very expensive

-uhm... ccg type shit...

-only roam with as good as a HMMV.

-the one involving zombies

And allot i dont remember

Anyway's I have been trying to find a server like this but to no avail.

Please if you know any server close or even just remotely close to this description, suggest it D: THANKS!

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Damn im looking for the exact same thing pretty much or even a server without traders. I did hear of a server awhile back that had a drifter which was a rare trader not marked on the map. But I can't find anything even remotely close. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread and if I find anything I'll let you know.

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