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I'm trying to start up a new server under the title - Hardcore Military Gaming. Currently I'm looking for someone that is good with scripting, Admins, and Moderators. What I'm wanting in the server that I'm trying to put together is more military based gameplay. I'm wanting to implement the armed vehicles short of the tanks and jets. I currently have 1 other that is working on setting up the traders, and I have two that are in Admin Roles on the server. I've ran up on snags trying to get certain scripts added to the server that have seemed to not want to work with the Kiwi update. I'm not the best when it comes to looking through the coding but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about getting things done the right way. I would like to be able to mainly find someone that could help resolve issues that arise that I'm unable to figure out. Currently the server I have is through GTXGaming, which is a 90 slot server. The TS that we have is a 150 slot ts.

Anyone that would be interested can get in contact with me here, or on our TS. -

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