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Unexpected Error extracting "Potato" files


Hey all, I've just downloaded the new client side version of potato. I downloaded from two different france mirrors and one from the UK. In all of them I've tried extracting using Windows tools, and 7zip and I get a failure to extract on several files. "Error 0x80004005 Unspecified Error" in windows tools, and a CRC failed: in 7 zip tools.


I've attached a screenshot of the failures inside of 7 zip. I also tried moving it to my C Drive and it fails the same way. (Also downloaded directly to C just incase D was failing, but I get the same issues) One is mechanical (D) one is SSD (C). Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and if they had come across a solution?

Failure to Extract.JPG

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10 hours ago, dishner2013 said:

Things happen, from a developer stand point there is a lot of moving parts and they provide this for completely free. You can't fuss about something that is free.

Generally I would agree, but in this case I think the people have a right to fuss a little bit.  And given what we have all seen on other user forums people haven't really been all that bad about this. =P
Mostly people are just trying to get a working solution. And if the mirror links are corrupt then they should just take them down until it's fixed.

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