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Holy BE filters Batman


Anyone have a lock on all the BE filters yet? It seems players joining a server without the purchased version of APEX is causing an obscene amount of BE kicks. Been at it for like an hour just adding one after another, but now am stuck on this...

#19 "Velocity [100 * (sin _azi), 100 * (cos _azi), 0];

createvehiclecrew _veh;
_crew = crew _veh;
_crew joinsilent _grp;
_grp ad"

I added this to line 21 createVechicleCrew

!="Velocity [100 * (sin _azi), 100 * (cos _azi), 0];\n};\ncreatevehiclecrew _veh;\n_crew = crew _veh;\n_crew joinsilent _grp;\n_grp ad"


Still everyone and their pervert Uncle Lester without the purchased version of APEX is being kicked for it. What is going wrong?

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