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UAV Stolen in mid air while under my control


When our base was being raided, i was providing air support with a UAV purchased on a server that allows them.  After some time and many kills later the UAV was acting strange. I lost control of it but still was able to look through the camera.  I was being flown back to one of the players we were fighting.  It was landed and i lost visual.  I somehow regained control and saw that player mount a satchel charge to it and was trying to fly it back.   I tried to continually take back control and after fighting with the player to get it he just shot it down.

My question is...  is this normal mechanic in Exile/Arma to allow others to take control of a UAV while under control of someone else?

I would think that this is not normal game play.  Could someone explain why this happened?

FYI, This happened before the apex update.

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