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error requesting bambi timeout


hello sorry for my English rotten but here I created a server exile arma 3 Version 1.0.0 / 1.62 the server starts but when I connect it I get an error timeout would Requesting bambi solutions thank you


extDB2: Version: 70
extDB2: https://github.com/Torndeco/extDB2
extDB2: Windows Version
Message: All development for extDB2 is done on a Linux Dedicated Server
Message: If you would like to Donate to extDB2 Development
Message: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=2SUEFTGABTAM2
Message: Also leave a message if there is any particular feature you would like to see added.
Message: Thanks for all the people that have donated.
Message: Torndeco: 20/02/15

extDB2: Found extdb-conf.ini
extDB2: Detected 8 Cores, Setting up 6 Worker Threads

[18:00:23:046252 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: Database Type: MySQL
[18:00:23:058253 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: Database Session Pool Started
[18:00:23:061253 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Loading Template Filename: C:\Arma\Server\@exileserver\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.ini
[18:00:23:061253 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Version 12 Detected, Latest Version 12 Available
[18:02:12:732526 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error StatementException: MySQL: [MySQL]: [Comment]: mysql_stmt_execute error    [mysql_stmt_error]: Field 'assigned_items' doesn't have a default value    [mysql_stmt_errno]: 1364    [mysql_stmt_sqlstate]: HY000    [statemnt]: INSERT INTO player SET account_uid = ?, name = ?
[18:02:12:732526 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Wiping Statements + Session
[18:02:12:732526 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error: UniqueID: 1 Input String: createPlayer:765611:zouzou
[18:08:00:093393 +00:-1] [Thread 1992] extDB2: Stopping ...



# For advice on how to change settings please see
# http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/server-configuration-defaults.html
# *** DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. It's a template which will be copied to the
# *** default location during install, and will be replaced if you
# *** upgrade to a newer version of MySQL.


# Remove leading # and set to the amount of RAM for the most important data
# cache in MySQL. Start at 70% of total RAM for dedicated server, else 10%.
# innodb_buffer_pool_size = 128M

# Remove leading # to turn on a very important data integrity option: logging
# changes to the binary log between backups.
# log_bin

# These are commonly set, remove the # and set as required.
# basedir = .....
# datadir = .....
# port = .....
# server_id = .....

# Remove leading # to set options mainly useful for reporting servers.
# The server defaults are faster for transactions and fast SELECTs.
# Adjust sizes as needed, experiment to find the optimal values.
# join_buffer_size = 128M
# sort_buffer_size = 2M
# read_rnd_buffer_size = 2M 


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