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Hi guys, My name is Vanderwall, and I'm the Operations Manager over at MastermindGaming. Currently we only have 2 developers. Me, and one other guy. Neither of us have Apex, and the Server owner wants the Exile Server switched to Tanoa. We run multiple different types of Servers. Let me give some information about us though

About Us

MastermindGaming is the revival of a previous community known as Gryphon Gaming. When they shut down, two of their senior members decided that they were going to create a new Community. They got everything set up, and now we are looking for some people to help us out. The Community is owned by Shadow, and Justin as the Primary owners.

Community Information

Teamspeak: ts.mastermindgaming.net

SteamGroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mastermindgamingcommunity


Mods Used

  • Exile (of Course)
  • 3CB BAF Equipment
  • 3CB BAF Vehicles
  • AKP Spotlight
  • BG WEF
  • BC Phoenix
  • BlastCore Physics
  • BloodLust
  • CBA
  • DragonFyreEden
  • EM
  • NIArsenal
  • RH Pistol
  • RH Accessories
  • Ryans Zombies and Demons
  • SMA3
  • Skull
  • FoldingMap
  • TFAR

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