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Exile 1.0.0 - Issues inserting containers to db


I've got the latest version of exile.ini in my sql_custom_v2 folder but getting this error.


[02:37:53:743641 +11:00] [Thread 6280] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Incorrect Number of Inputs: Input String insertContainer:Exile_Container_Storagecrate:76561198089354229:11155.361328:10018.688477:0.098053:0.675758:0.737124:0:0:0:1:[]:[]:[]:[]:0:0000:15
[02:37:53:743700 +11:00] [Thread 6280] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Incorrect Number of Inputs: Expected: 17 Got: 18

And it doesn't seem to be saving any containers to the DB.

Also seeing this in the .rpt


10:22:56 Error in expression <llExtension _query);
(_result select 1) select 0>
10:22:56   Error position: <select 0>
10:22:56   Error Generic error in expression
10:22:56 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16


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