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1.0.0 no entry bin\config.bin/cfgweapons.iteminfo please read


So I have updated my server to 1.0.0 and now when player try join through A3 by clicking the play button it kicks them to the arma home screen with this message "no entry bin\config.bin/cfgweapons.iteminfo" so I attempted to join and the same thing happened ... so then I went onto the arma server list and looked at my server and where it says mods "Exile" has a red circle .. strange I clicked on my server and still the same message ... so I closed arma and went back to A3 then went over to advanced on the top bar and opened the mods manually.

so on the right it says "Exile" (in that box) 

I then launched Arma through the A3 advanced option and went to the server list and found my server and in the mods "Exile" had a green circle I then could join my server no problem. 

so is A3 not correctly opening Exile or the wrong Exile when players just hit the play button ? 

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