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[SOLVED] BEC | No Valid response.

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I am sure you guys come across these pleas of help and roll your eyes thinking "Again!?" but I swear I've tried almost everything and searched google and tried so many different variables and I'm hoping that a fresh pair of eyes will help keep whatever little hair I have left after pulling it all out!

A little description of the problem I'm having. To begin with I could not get BEC to connect with the server at all. No messages, no errors just closed down due to not being able to find the online server. Playing around and changing the Bec.exe to include the command "--dcs" it finally started showing the messages "No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!" so again I started hammering around the internet and found a few peoples suggestions and solutions and now I can't even get as far as that anymore.




EDIT #1:

I increased the timeout to 320 and went out to meet some friends. When I came back it had connected. Upon restarting the server to try and replicate the success, it did not connect. Instead giving me that lovely message: Please wait... Connecting to the server when the Timeout has expired!

Additional Info: Dedicated Server, WIN 2008R2. Ports have been forwarded.




I downloaded a fresh install of BEC and extracted it properly from the zip file just in case I had previously pulled it out corrupting it. By doing this I got further than I previously had up until the message of it trying to update to which it was closing down. After editing the hosts file it now works as a charm.

So for anyone who might be having the similar problems, make sure you extract BEC properly and don't forget to edit your host files! At least that resolved all my problems for me!

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