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[Need Help][WIP] New HoldAction for object.

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I decided to show this of now and ask here for help because i am now on a point where i dont can figure the hell out why my code is not working and maybe you get it.

So please if you have any idea let me know. I appreciate any help!


Information about the code:

Code is writen by me for a server-side pbo. The code acually spawns 2 objects at the moment, a laptop and a table for the laptop in the center of the Fortres ruins of Lijnhaven on Tanoa.

The laptop gets a new action (bis_fnc_holdActionAdd see a visual in-game example in Singleplayer Editor version on Youtube here) for calling a script that gives the player money and respect after he finished the hold action. See more information in the cometary lines of the code


Status and problem of the code:

The new hold action is not displayed.


Code is uncomplete and not ready for any use on live servers!!!

I will release a server-side addon mission system if i acually get working the basic system.


Code: http://pastebin.com/0Bn7hmvs

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